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La Villa Delisle Hotel & Spa is a friendly place zhere the "savoir vivre" comes from the
natural wealth of Southern Reunion Island (what we call the wild soulth) as well as a rich 
history of travel and cultural exchanges.

Situated on the seafront of Saint-Pierre, boulevard Hubert Delisle, the resort gets its name 
from Louis Henri Hubert Delisle, who leaves a significant mark on Reunion Island,not only
by creating the road "ceinture" which goes all around the island, but more importantly,
by being the first creole governor of La Reunion.
With  rooms laid out on 2 floors between Standard, Superior and Junior Suites, La Villa Delisle 
Hotel & Spa offers a place of perfect dimensions.   The perfect scale highlights the high quality
of services provided to our guests who always sense that they are in an exceptional tropical villa.
More than the comfortable bedrooms which will provide you with intimacy and the quietness a 
good rest demands, La Villa Delisle offers many places for socialising, having fun, or simply to
indulge yourself.

The hotel has two restaurants;  "Le Pierre Bistrot Chic" and "La Voile Blanche" which is next to 
the villa's swimming pool.

                       Villa delisle resto                       Ptitdej horizont    

The large swimming pool located on the terrace provides one of the greatest pleasures you can 
have at La Villa Delisle.  Perfect f
or those who are looking to enjoy the sun's warmth and cool
refreshing wind.  The big pool dazzles you with quartzite tiles and is waiting for you under the
shade of magnificent palm trees.
Sheltered from the winds and offering a viez of the sea, this
place will take your breath away when the sunsets of Saint Pierre ignite the sky.  It`s also auite
amusing to knoz that this terrace and it's pool are standing right on top of nothing less than the
Casino du Sud.
La Villa Delisle is the only hotel in the South to be able to provide its clients
access to a full-fledged Casino, featuring ga,es such as blackjack, poker, roulette and electronic

The Garden Spa

Then, there is the Garden Spa.  Quietly waiting at the bottom of a short flight of stairs is a 
magical place entirely dedicated to your well-being.  There, not only willyou find 3 roo,s for
massages and various cares, but also a large whirlpool in its hidden garden.

Villq delisle spa
A relaxation space if there ever was one, the Garden Spa and its staff of friendly therapists 
are here to provide a whole range of beauty and well-being services.

The Standard Rooms

The Standard rooms offer the best value for accommodation at La Villa Delisle.   At the same 
time, these offer
all the comforts and exclusive qualities befitting a luxury resort.  The unique
decoration style, a spacious and cosy room, a walk-in shower and all the amenities will make
your stay a pleasure.

   Standard 01 218 vasques      

Available in both the Bananiers and Perroquets zones, the Standard rooms provide a perfect place of 
rest and privacy, should you be taking a restorative trip alone, as a couple, or even as a family staying 
in connecting rooms.

The Superior Room

The Superior rooms oofer all the comforts and style befitting La Villa Delisle with special attention 
given to their orientation.  All with balconies whether theyae open towards the sea or sheltered by
louvered shutters, provide an intimate space that is easy to live in.   All Superior rooms are set
up with walk-in showers.

                                   Chb sup balcon    Villa delisle room 5

 The Superior rooms are available in both wings of the resort.  This time you will have a choice 
between the lagoons like atmosphere of the Indian Ocean zone or the "jardin créole" feel of the 
Bananieres zone, where the plants give a refreshing coolness, so pleasing in the tropics.

The Junior Suites

The Junior Suites are spacious and comfortable rooms, all ideally oriented to enjoy the best of the 
exceptional location of La Villa Delisle.  Providing a large living space with private balcony, a cosy
living room and a luxury bathroom, each suite has its own unique decoration. The Junior Suites at
La Villa Delisle are the very best way to indulge yourself during your stay in Saint-Pierre.

                     218 suite srvb  Villa delisle room 7  Villa delisle room 4  218 commode 

Both wings of the resort feature the Junior Suites.  Therefore you are able to choose between the 
different atmospheres for having your stay, the way you like the most;  The Perroquets zone, with
its warm tones, overlook the gardens and provide a sea view while the Indian Ocean zone gives
you the best views of the swimming pool and sunsets.





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