Le Blue Margouillat  *****
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As you walk through the beautiful main lounge, the subtle, sweet fragrance of exotic wood of the colonial style furniture pervades the room.
The heady and exquisite scent of frangipani flowers carried by mild trade winds wafts from the garden as you stroll onto the verandah 
overlooking the Indian Ocean and blue skies above. Blooming hibiscus and allamanda flowers offer a colourful and delightful scenery.
If one place can make you fall in love with a country, the Blue Margouillat hotel is a unique resort that enchants with its charming creole style. 
A few seconds spent in this grand house will remind you of Baudelaire's words : «They all is order, naught amiss: Comfort and beauty, 
calm and bliss ».  

Time stands still.  Now close your eyes.  Your new voyage is commencing.  Blue sky, blue sea, Blue Margouillat.    

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