Full Day - Le Cirque de Salazie

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This cirque is the greenest and has the easiest access, with a road winding in all the way to 
the Creole Village of Hell-Bourg.  Admire the mountainsides flanked with trellises of the 
chayote fruit.  This is also the place to admire one of the island’s most stunning waterfalls, 
“Le Voile de la Mariee”, also a source of ancient local legend. 

In Hell-Bourg, you will be charmed by the Creole houses embellished with flourishing gardens. 
The Folio family will take you on a journey back through time as you visit their 19th century 
colonial home.  The Folio house which bears witness to that era in Reunionnese history, has 
been restored with an absolute respect of the original.  It offers visitors a genuine setting which 
recalls life in Hell-Bourg as it was.

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