The Must Do (Duration: 55 mins)

From the volcano to the lagoon, from the rivers to the waterfalls… a panoramic view of the island !

                                  Le must 3   Le must 2   Le must 1  

With its breaktaking landscapres and its astounding sceneries, Reunion Island (now classified among the
wonders protected by the World Heritage of UNESCO) can be discovered through this flight.  Fly over the
volcano, discover the amazing naturally high ramparts and the steep relief of the 3 cirques,         
(Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos), dive in the incredible Iron Hole (Le Trou de Fer), let the view of the 
rivers and waterfalls (cascades et rivieres de l'Est) freshen you up, admire the lagoon and its
turquoise waters.... a real journey in just one flight!

This flight is the “premium” version of the Unavoidable One, to which were added the most beautiful rivers 
and waterfalls: Takamaka, a canyon of waterfalls; The White Waterfall, one of the world’s highest; 
The Ramparts River, a very deep valley; The Wedding Veil ; The East River ; … and more!

The 3 Cirques +Volcano (Duration: 45 mins)
A highly colorful island!

                            Incontournable 1   Incontournable 2   Incontournable 3   
Red for the Plain of Sands and its moon-shaped scenery, for the volcano, Furnace Peak, one of the 
most active in the world.   
Green for the cirques, Mafate and its remote islets, Salazie and its luxuriant flora, Cilaos and its 
incredibly steep ramparts, Belouve / Bebour and its primary forrest.
Yellow for the Reunionese sun and western beaches
Blue for the lagoon, the coral reef and the impressive waterfall in the Iron Hole where one can admire, 
if lucky, a beautiful rainbow.

The Magic (Duration: 25 mins)

A glimpse of Reunionese beauty!

Discover splendid cirques (Mafate and Salazie) and the impressive Iron Hole (Trou de Fer) with 
its 300m high waterfall. You will fly over breathtaking ramparts before admiring the peaceful turquoise 
waters of the lagoon.

                                     Magique 1   Helico takamaka01 credit irt emmanuel virin   Magique 3                    

An adventure to be remembered, full of emotions.


The Mafate (Duration: 15 mins)

Enjoy an unobstructed view of this emblematic site!

                                     Mafate 1   Mafate 2   Mafate 1a   

You will fly over Saint Paul’s bay and discover the authentic cirque of Mafate and its islets hidden
in a well preserved and generous nature. This cirque can only be reached walking or flying.

Sunset over Piton de Neiges (Duration: 25 mins)

A 3,000m high sunset!

          Montagne piton des neiges10 sunset   Sunset piton 2   Sunset piton 3   Sunset piton 1  

Enjoy the vision of the Reunionese roof enlightened by a myriad of colours!  You will fly over an
ancient volcano located in the centre of the island, the unique link between the 3 cirques, Mafate, 
Salazie and Cilaos.

May be snow peak will honour its name on your D-day, who knows?    

Heli and Eat in the East (Duration: 55 mins)

       Heli resto 3      Coeur de lle 2   Heli resto 2   Heli resto 1   
You will admire the beauty of Reunion Island from up above before reaching the restaurant 
“Les Letchis” in Saint Benoit, a restaurant famous for its traditional cooking.   Located near 
the river bank, in the middle of a tropical garden, the restaurant offers an exceptional and 
exotic setting in which you will enjoy a refined quality lunch with local tastes.

The flight back will be after lunch.

Heli and Golf in the West (Duration: 25 mins)

                     Heli golf 2   Heli golf 1   Coeur de lle 3   

Off to discover the hidden treasures and inaccessible in Reunion, the pilot will then drop 
you on the Blue Basin Golf Site, enjoying a unique setting with a 360? view of the ocean 
and the mountains of the island.

For professional, the 18-hole, 9 facing the sea and the 9 in the heart of a eucalyptus forest
are waiting for you.

For beginner, an instructor will let you discover the sport in an idyllic setting.

After the effort, the comfort in Blue Basin Golf Restaurant offers you the taste of the Creole 
culinary delights.

Heli & Hiking to Mafate (Duration: 25 mins)

An unusual day, a “Mafate” experience!

Bury yourself in the world of the famous Mafate’s postman and discover the place where many 
slaves took refuge in “the old days”.  You will leave from La Rivière des Galets, in an ATV, 
hence using the only path cars can use to enter this cirque.

Approx. 30 min. after your departure, you will be dropped off at “Deux Bras” (Two Arms) in the 
riverbed.  That’s where your hike starts, where the only two ways of moving around are walking 
or flying.

                        Img 0190   Heli rando mafate 1   Heli rando mafate 2     

You’ll cross the river many times, you’ll sometimes get your feet wet, and for the most 
courageous or the least sensitive to the cold ones, a swimming pause is possible in a 
splendid and natural pond.

The hike lasts approximately 2:30 / 3:00 hours before reaching Cayenne, a charming small 
islet of 25 inhabitants. Once you get to the cottage, located near the cirque’s oldest church, 
you’ll enjoy a well-deserved traditional “carry”.

Your guide will share everything he knows about the history and inhabitants of this cirque 
with you in a friendly atmosphere. After this generous meal, no more walking! You will be 
admiring the magnificent landscapes of the island cosily sitting in one of the helicopters.